Education & Qualifications


Education & Qualifications

Graduate and Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology

CQ University, Australia - 2010

This core education in psychology, including clinical practice, provides me with the background to know when you may need more than coaching can or should provide.  I am more than happy to explore additional resources with you should that be necessary.

Gottman Relationship Therapy - Lev 3

Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work

Bringing Baby Home

The Gottman Institute, Seattle, WA

John and Julie Gottman are the foremost leaders in relationship therapy and I have trained at all levels. Their well developed research and life’s work is applicable to all human communication not just romantic relationships.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Certified Practitioner

The MBTI, which includes use of the four Keirsey Temperaments based upon the Myers-Briggs assessment, are used to assess personality traits, values, comfort zone behavior, and preferred language. Knowing your preferences and the preferences of others reduces conflict and perceived resistance from others.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Certified Practitioner

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the basis upon which I am able to coach you in influential and assertive communication as well as determine your preferred learning style.

Clifton Strength finder 2.0 & DiSC

These are additional leadership assessments which may help you learn how you best lead and communicate with your team. as well as how you manage team dynamics such as how individual strengths interact and where gaps might exist.

Master of Divinity (Seminary)

Brisbane School of Theology, Australia


This allows me to involve aspects of faith and spiritual growth into my coaching practice, if that is desired by you.

This led to a diverse career in IT and leadership, including programming, project management, customer account management, service agreement negotiation, and software development.

BSc Computer Science

Anderson University, IN